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Michael Macmillan

Principal of MacMillan Search Engine Optimization

Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Michael MacMillan, Principal at MacMillan Search Engine Optimization, boasts over two decades of expertise in digital marketing and SEO, focusing on the unique challenges faced by B2B software and service sectors. His journey has evolved to encompass the integration of artificial intelligence and Large Language Models into his business toolkit, making these advanced technologies accessible and beneficial for operators across various industries.

Michael’s approach to AI is grounded in practical application, aiming to demystify its complexities for businesses looking to enhance their operations and digital presence. By leveraging AI’s capabilities in predictive analytics and machine learning, he assists in refining marketing strategies, improving online visibility, and streamlining operational processes. This strategic integration of AI allows businesses to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Beyond his technical prowess, Michael is passionate about mentorship and education, guiding businesses in understanding and applying AI to their unique contexts. His expertise not only includes tailoring AI solutions to individual business needs but also ensuring these solutions are sustainable and forward-looking.

Michael’s work represents a bridge between advanced AI technologies and practical business applications, providing the tools and insights necessary for businesses to thrive in a digital landscape continually transformed by AI.

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