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Empowering Tourism Businesses: AI for Daily Operations

Michael Macmillan

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Michael MacMillan

Principal of MacMillan Search Engine Optimization

Webinar Description: Leveraging AI in day-to-day operations and enhancing technology learning in tourism businesses.
For tourism businesses: Delve into AI and data strategies to boost operational efficiency. Learn AI integration for operations and customer research. Elevate your digital presence with Chat GPT. Tailor AI to your specific needs. Discover AI’s transformative role in tourism. Harness its potential for business enhancement.

3 Key-takeaways:

  • Practical Applications of AI: The participants will gain insights into how AI can be practically applied in their day-to-day operations. 
  • Enhancing Digital Presence: They will learn about using tools like Chat GPT to bolster their understanding of the technical aspects of their digital presence.
  • Tailoring AI to the Needs of the Business: It will also demonstrate how AI can be used to supplement workflows, increasing efficiency and productivity.