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Email Marketing – Best Practices to Boost Your Business


Mariia Souchko

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Mariia Souchko

Playground Creative Agency

Webinar Description: Email Marketing: Best Practices to Grow Your Business

Get ready to take your tourism business on a thrilling ride with our electrifying email marketing workshop! Propel your venture to new heights as we navigate the captivating world of targeted email campaigns designed specifically for the tourism industry.
Transform into a maestro of persuasive copy, eye-catching visuals, and enchanting personalization techniques, all tailored to excite wanderlust in your customers. Venture into the realm of email marketing automation, and craft custom sequences for pre-booking, post-booking, and post-trip experiences.

Spark your creativity, charm your clientele, and create lasting connections with travelers. Don’t miss this opportunity to harness the power of email marketing and skyrocket your tourism business to dazzling new heights!

3-Key Takeaways: approx. 250 characters

  • Learn to craft captivating content that triggers wanderlust and drives bookings.
  • Discover email marketing automation secrets to enhance pre- and post-trip experiences.
  • Develop a winning strategy to foster lasting connections with travellers and boost loyalty.