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What Makes a Nice-Looking Website

Web Development & Design

Maria McGowan

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Web Development Workshop Series I: What Makes a Nice-Looking Website

An overview of website design, highlighting essential elements of an aesthetically pleasing website. Grasp effective strategies for audience-oriented design to craft a user-centric website. Learn visual hierarchy and layout techniques to streamline information organization for user convenience.

3-Key Takeaways:

  • UX/UI Design Mastery: Mastering UX/UI design principles is key to creating visually appealing and accessible tourism websites that meet visitor expectations.
  • Incorporating Key Components: A successful tourism website includes essential elements like interactive maps, booking options, and testimonials to enhance user experience and facilitate navigation.
  • Broad Audience Design and Accessibility: Prioritizing a user-centric approach, mobile-first design, and accessibility ensures the website is usable and enjoyable for everyone.