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Tips for Increasing Engagement on Your Social Media Posts

Social Media Management

How to get more comments, likes, clicks and shares


Ingrid Deon

The CEO from Word-craft, a social media marketing agency headquartered in Yarmouth, NS, CA

Webinar Description:

Social media isn’t just about posting consistently about your company, it’s about making meaningful connections and sparking conversations with your customers. You could cross your fingers and hope that people engage with your posts, or you could have a strategy that’s guaranteed to boost your company’s impact on social media. Ingrid Deon from word-craft will give you loads of tips on how to create social media content that racks up plenty of comments, likes, clicks, and shares.

What are 3-Key Takeaways: 

●      How to measure social media engagement

●      How to increase engagement with clear calls to action

●      How to create valuable and shareable content