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Pocket Production: Short Video Mastery for Tourism Business

Photography & Videography

Will Yang

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Will Yang of Differo Marketing

Harness Smartphone Videography to Boost Your Tourism Venture

In this video, you will gain specialized smartphone (both on iOS and Android) videography skills tailored specifically for tourism businesses in Nova Scotia. Understanding the essentials of filming, such as app selection, natural lighting, and framing, you will learn to effectively capture the experiences your business offers. These hands-on skills will enable you to produce high-quality, visually captivating videos that can tell your brand’s story in an impactful way, ensuring that every frame entices potential visitors.

To bring these visuals to life, you will learn the art of editing tourism content on CapCut, an intuitive and versatile editing app. This training will guide you through cutting, splicing, and enhancing your footage with text overlays, transitions, and effects that complement your narrative. Whether you are showcasing Nova Scotia’s iconic attractions or the distinctive experiences your business offers, you will be equipped with the skills to create compelling short video content that stands out in a crowded digital landscape.



3-Key Takeaways:

  • Localized storytelling techniques to spotlight your tourism brand’s narrative.
  • Smartphone videography skills tailored for Nova Scotia’s tourism businesses.
  • Smartphone editing skills for tourism content.