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Chatbot Launchpad Workshop (Session 3)

Melissa Lloyd

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Melissa Lloyd

Founder of Agility Hub

Make Your Chatbot Work for You (Session 3): Discover how to smoothly integrate a chatbot, boosting your business’s efficiency and customer satisfaction, all made simple.

Overwhelmed by the thought of integrating chatbots into your business? Our workshop, designed for small business owners, simplifies the process into a clear, engaging journey. In just three sessions, we’ll guide you through crafting a chatbot tailored to your business needs and customer engagement goals, no tech background needed. Transform your approach to customer service with us.

*Please note: Due to a technical issue, sections 48:0056:52 were rerecorded and edited into the original recording.

3-Key Takeaways:

  • Simplify chatbot creation, making it accessible without a tech background.
  • Align chatbot functionalities with your business goals for improved customer service.
  • Empower small businesses to tackle tech integration confidently and effectively.