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Chatbot Launchpad Workshop (Session 2)

Melissa Lloyd

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Melissa Lloyd

Founder of Agility Hub

Create Your Chatbot, No Stress (Session 2): Ease into chatbots with simple concepts. Learn how they can answer queries & save time.

Overwhelmed by the thought of integrating chatbots into your business? Our workshop, designed for small business owners, simplifies the process into a clear, engaging journey. In just three sessions, we’ll guide you through crafting a chatbot tailored to your business needs and customer engagement goals, no tech background needed. Transform your approach to customer service with us.

3-Key Takeaways:

  • Simplify chatbot creation, making it accessible without a tech background.
  • Align chatbot functionalities with your business goals for improved customer service.
  • Empower small businesses to tackle tech integration confidently and effectively.