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Build your business’ digital marketing strategy with the “Digital Marketing Tree” – Session 2

Liam Tayler

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Liam Taylor

Its office is located in Mahone Bay, NS, CA.

Webinar Description: Learn how to market your business online step-by-step using the roadmap of the Digital Marketing Tree  The Internet Marketing Tree is a metaphor for the core components of online marketing and how they all fit together to create value in promoting your business online. Identify the “Roots”, “Trunk” & “Branches” of your business to build a coherent and comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.

This workshop series is composed of 3 sessions:

Session 2 Subtitle – Your Mighty Oak – The “Branches” of your business: Search Engine Marketing. Description – Just as a tree’s branches reach out to the sun, so your “branches” must reach out to your clients. In this session we will review what every business needs to have set up to measure its impact online as well as the most effective Branches for your business for Search Engine Marketing, including Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click.