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Build your business’ digital marketing strategy with the “Digital Marketing Tree” – Session 1

Liam Tayler

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Liam Taylor

Its office is located in Mahone Bay, NS, CA.

Webinar Description: Learn how to market your business online step-by-step using the roadmap of the Digital Marketing Tree  The Internet Marketing Tree is a metaphor for the core components of online marketing and how they all fit together to create value in promoting your business online. Identify the “Roots”, “Trunk” & “Branches” of your business to build a coherent and comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy.

This workshop series is composed of 3 sessions:

Session 1 Subtitle – Your Mighty Oak – The “Roots” and “Trunk” of your business Description – Delve into what your core business is, who your clients are and prepare to create your website. The elements to be covered are: Research, Strategy, Branding and Content, all with a view to creating an efficient and effective website tailored to your customers’ needs.