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Better Marketing Content With Audience Research

Better Marketing Content With Audience Research


Alison Knott

The owner of Alison K Consulting, which provides marketing consulting and training to small but mighty companies. Its office is located in Halifax, NS, CA.

Webinar Description: If you feel like your marketing has been a bit of a grind, or isn’t getting the engagement you’d hope for… Audience Research to the rescue! Join everyone’s favourite hyperactive marketing nerd Alison K as she shows you how to create content and campaigns that your ideal audience will love. No matter the size of your online audience or limitations you have running your business.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • How Audience Research fits into the customer journey (aka: how not to bombard people with sales messaging).
  • How to perform audience research to replicate dream customers/clients/guests with free or low-cost methods.
  • How to avoid common digital marketing mistakes that turns good intentions into busy work with low ROI.