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Aligning Vision and Values throughout the Customer Journey

Brand Strategy


Eva Gutsche

Managing Director at STEM Consulting & Marketing Inc,. based in Toronto, ON, CA.

Webinar Description: Helping the customer see themselves, living the vision they imagined, in the experience you offer. 

This webinar looks at how to capture the customer at the ideation stage of their vacation.  Before the planning and booking phase commences, the visitor has already envisioned what their travel experience might be like.  There is an emotional response already in formation.  If your product or service aligns with that vision, at the ideation stage, and then follows through to the delivery of the experience, then you reap the benefit of a satisfied customer and new ambassador for your business.  

Presenting yourself authentically, with strong visual messaging that will engage the customer, is key.  The way you describe your business must be aligned with the customer’s vision and values.  The picture the customer has created in their mind must align with the picture you are presenting.  When your message reinforces the dream or picture the customer has created and they can see themselves immersed in your experience then the synergy begins.  

The webinar will explore customer behaviour, emotions and the customer journey and alignment between the customers vision (or expectations) and the experience they are purchasing.