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Mark Taylor

President & Director of SEO, Make Your Mark Today Inc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • MIT entrepreneurship certification
  • Google certified in SEO and digital marketing
  • SEMrush local, advanced, technical SEO certifications
  • Brought TEAM Group one of their biggest clients ever; the British Airforce & navy, through Google Search Results. Worth $64MM a year.
  • Increased website clicks of a multi-million dollar sports business by 237%, from 8,000 to 19,000. Resulting in 35% revenue increase.
  • Turned the websites of both a Halifax-based mortgage brokerage and a local law firm from 0 organic clicks per day to 1,000 clicks per month. Resulting in 900% growth in new customer inquiries for both businesses.
  • Increased organic clicks for by %121 up to 7,805 per year, and did this in only 9 months.
  • Doubled the conversion rate of Maple Leaf Golds, giving them a 100% top line revenue growth within 4 months.

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