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“I love helping people and businesses reach their potential.”
Jenn Jackson Martin

She is a creative marketing professional who has been supporting businesses for over 27 years across various industries. Jenn is also an instructor at UNB in the Faculty of Business, focused on marketing and media. Jenn holds a BBA with a Major in Marketing.

Jenn recently celebrated her 12-year anniversary with RoundTable/Acadia Corporation. She started as radio representative, her success and continuing education lead to where she is now with digital and RoundTable being the majority of her focus.

Over half of the marketing spend in Canada is digital—and rising.
As it keeps growing, many small- and medium-sized businesses struggle to keep up with the technology, tools and ever-increasing number of platforms. They often lack the budget to hire an ad agency.

“They’re just completely overwhelmed at the speed of change and trying to keep up. We need to make it customizable to what they need and what they can afford,” she says.

“How do we reach the potential customers they want in the most efficient way possible?” RoundTable fills that gap for small- to medium sized organizations.
“That’s our specialty,” Jenn says.